The training  program is called Showgear Sound Reinforcement Training (SSRT), which started in April 2016. SSRT was an initiative that came about by recognizing and increasing demand for professionally trained audio engineers / sound technicians in Nigeria.

SSRT aims to empower students with the necessary practical skills, knowledge, values and attitude required  to enter the broad scope of global music and  entertainment industries and operate effectively as trained sound technicians. To this end, the syllabus covers a wide range of applied skills and  knowledge in live sound production.


The SSRT training program in April 2016 proved to be highly effective, producing well-trained technicians who gained a good reputation and acceptance in their field. Sponsors of our trainees provided impressive and encouraging testimonials, and the trainees themselves attested to the program’s impactful and empowering nature.

The success of the program was reflected in the doubled number of participants who attended in 2017, and the program was extended to Port Harcourt and Abuja due to popular demand. The training program consists of eight modules with extensive lectures in theories and practicals, and participants who successfully complete the program are awarded certificates of participation.

In addition to our highly effective training program, we also offer intermediate and advanced master class programs. These programs build upon the foundation of the eight-module training program and delve deeper into the principles of sound and related technical topics.

The master class program includes extensive lectures on the principle of sound, decibel application in live sound, wireless microphone and electromagnetic wave propagation, signal processing, critical listening, balancing, and mixing. Participants in the master class programs receive advanced training and hands-on experience in these topics, preparing them for more complex and specialized roles in the field of sound engineering.

Overall, our training programs provide comprehensive and effective instruction that is highly valued by sponsors and trainees alike. With our commitment to excellence and the success of our graduates, we are confident in our ability to continue to offer valuable training and development opportunities for aspiring sound technicians and engineers